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Parent Information 

School Day 

Week 1 & 2 (Mon-Fri)                 

9:20am Registration
9:30 am Period 1
10:22 am                        Period 2
11:14 am Break
11:29 am Period 3
12:21 am Period 4/Junior Lunch
12:56 pm Period 4
1:13 pm Senior Lunch
1:48 pm Period 5
 2:39pm Period 6
3:30 pm                   School Ends


School Communication

 Copies of Letters home will appear here.


CallParents is St Columbanus ' Colleges partner for providing a fast and efficient text and email service. Information will be forwarded to the email address and text number held on file by the school. If you have any changes to your information please call the School Office and ask to speak to Mrs Harrison and she will be able to assist you with updating your details.

Routine communication will be sent via these routes.

Parents are also contacted by TruancyCall should their Child not be in school on any given day.  This system allows you to reply to the school with a reason for absence and expected date of return.  Parents who use the text message response will not have to provide a written note for the absence.  Any pre-arranged absences should still be notified to the school 24 hour in advance.