Parent Teacher Association

The generous fundraising of St Columbanus’ College’s PTA, has afforded students of the College many additional opportunities and improved the provision of facilities and experiences. Providing those value added experiences like merit trips, celebrations, additional ICT equipment and providing a lot of fun opportunities for all involved. 


Due to Covid, the tireless work of our PTA was forced to grind to a halt. The PTA is ready to bounce back reinvigorated. Now is your chance to support the PTA as it plans many events and opportunities for the coming academic year.  We would love for some of our new year 8 family to become involved in the PTA. If you would like to become involved please print and return to the College when you come in on Tuesday 21st June.


We look forward to welcoming your family to St. Columbanus’ College.


Kind Regards on behalf of the PTA


Click here for the PTA sign up sheet