Technology & Design


H.O.D: Mr P. Ryan

Teacher: Mrs L. Fegan and Mr M. Robinson

Technician: Mr J. Bradford

The department is made up of the following:

  • Two manufacturing workshops
  • One systems room
  • One fully self contained computer suite comprising of 20 computers.
  • Two materials stores.
  • One systems store.

Technology & Design is a vibrant and thriving subject. It is compulsory for all pupils in KS3 (Years 8, 9 and 10).

It is offered as a choice at KS4 for G.C.S.E.

In order to accommodate all ability ranges, the department offers GCSE Resistant Materials as an alternative to GCSE Electronic Systems.

Subject Information

Time Allocation:


  • Year 8: Two Periods per week (70 minutes)
  • Year 9: Two Periods per week (70 minutes)
  • Year 10: Two Periods per week (70 minutes)


  • Years 11/12: Five periods per week (175 minutes)


In years 8, 9 and 10, pupils are encouraged to learn about electronics, mechanisms, materials, pneumatics and computer control. They are also encouraged to embrace new skills such as computer graphics, soldering, use of bench tools, and the competent use of machinery in a safe working environment.

Year 8

Pupils complete three projects in Year 8.

These are:

  • The truffle box (plastics)
  • The steady hand game (electronics).
  • The container game (wood)

N.B The truffle box is a collaboration project between T&D and Home Economics.

Year 9

Pupils complete four projects in Year 9.

These are:

  • The novelty card (electronics)
  • The CD storage unit (wood)
  • The pull along toy (mechanisms)
  • The fuse tester (collaboration project with Science)

The completion of a project is supported by the use of computer programs to enable understanding of the concepts. E.g. Crocodile Clips is used to simulate electronic circuits.

Within year 9 pupils also engage in computer control in which they write programs to control an external device connected to the computer. E.g. Traffic light system.

Year 10

Pupils complete two projects in Year 10.

At this stage pupils are introduced to topics which they will meet if they proceed towards GCSE.

These include

  • Computer graphics
  • Pneumatics

Our aim at KS3 is to provide pupils with a basic understanding of topics that they will meet if they opt for GCSE Technology.

Pupil practical work, from all year groups, is offered for display in the main foyer of the college throughout the academic year. Graphics/Pictorial work is displayed on notice boards throughout the department.

Key Stage 4

In the second term of year 10 pupils make choices for GCSE at Key stage 4.

Pupils who choose Technology & Design will then follow one of two courses

CCEA GCSE Technology & Design.
AQA GCSE Resistant Materials.

The decision on which course to follow will be made in September at the start of the two year course
Full details can be seen by clicking on the link to both websites.