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Science Department


At present there are three teachers and one laboratory technician in the Science Department.


Head of Department: Mr M Linden 

Staff members:   Ms C McAleer
                                      Ms L McKinty
                                      Ms N McQuaid

Technical Staff:    Mr C McCauley

All pupils in the junior school follow a balanced science course.  As Science is a practical subject, the class sizes are reduced to ensure that all pupils can safely take an active approach to learning. The Key Stage 3 Science course is based around the 3 disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils also enjoy a wealth of extra-curricular activities. Whether they are improving the school environment through their involvement in the Eco-group or working on STEAM projects for national competitions, there is always a busy team of students enjoying learning Science outside of class time.

The Science Department recently built its  very own Polytunnel! Click this HERE to check it out!


Pupils may choose 1 of 3 options at Key Stage 4:


CCEA GCSE Double Award Science (unitised)


CCEA GCSE Single Award Science (unitised)


OCN NI Level 2 Applied Science


Sixth Year pupils have the opportunity to study CCEA A-Level Life and Health Sciences.


Click Here – To read our Key Stage 4 options booklet


Click Here – To read our A-Level Life and Health Sciences information leaflet