Mrs Maria Flynn - Principal

Mr G Mitchell - Vice Principal
Mr J Burrows- Curriculum Links Facilitator

St.Columbanus’ College is dedicated to ensuring that we have a fit for purpose curriculum for our sixth year students. The College is a leading participant in the North Down and Ards Learning Community which allows us to develop a range of qualifications which taught in collaboration with the other member schools.

Please click on the link below to access more about our North Down & Ards Area Learning Community: NDALC Information.

Collaborative Subjects

Currently we offer the following subjects to our sixth form students in collaboration with other schools:

We offer:

  • GCE Art
  • GCE Moving Image Art
  • GCE Geography
  • GCE RE
  • GCE Health and Social Care
  • GCE Maths
  • GCE Life and Health Science
  • GCE History
  • GCE Environmental Technology
  • BTEC Sport (L3)
  • BTEC Uniformed Protective Services (L3)
  • BTEC IT (L3)
  • BTEC Travel and Tourism (L3)BTEC Business (L3)
  • OCN Employability and Professional Development skills (L3)
  • OCN IT (L3)

The following is available through collaborating schools:


  • BTEC Engineering (L3)
  • BTEC Children’s Play Learning and Development (L3)
  • BTEC Hospitality (L3)

Collaboration With Bangor Grammar, Bangor Academy and Glenlola Collegiate

  • BTEC Performing Arts (L3)
  • GCE Biology
  • GCE English
  • GCE Physics