Learning From Home

Provision of Online learning and Support

We launched our online learning and support programme from Monday 11 January.  This learning is hosted on Google Classroom for all subjects.  Check the information below for more help.

 Using Google Classroom

 Check out the videos below on getting help with Using Google Classroom

Making Contact with Us

Google Classroom is a communication platform set up solely to facilitate communication between teachers and their students. 

Parents are welcome to view the content on these pages, however communication between parents and teachers must not be conducted on this platform.   With this in mind our staff will delete any comments posted by parents into their classwork streams without reply.

Should you wish to contact us the appropriate method is via the college contact information at the bottom of this page.  We do prefer email contact in the current circumstances.  If you note in the subject line of your email the member of staff you wish to contact and the name and class of your son/daughter (e.g Contact for Mr Smith re  M Jones 13A)  this will facilitate the forwarding of messages to the correct member of staff.

 Ulster University Outreach Academy

Ulster University outreach Academy offers extensive range of free online subject specific courses and programmes for children and young people in the Key Stage 2-5 age group.


Important Links

Area Sources of Help
What we expect from our students

Some guidance on what we expect our students do do during this lock-down (click here to access). 

Learning and Lessons

Google Classroom


If you can't get onto a Classroom message one of your teachers (or your Form Teacher) on their class Stream.  Ask them to contact the teacher for you.

Family Works




Getting Online

 We fully appreciate that this is difficult given that there may well be several members of the household needing to access online facilities during this period.

Please keep the following alternative access methods in mind

  • Tablets including eReaders like Kindle
  •  Mobile phones
  • Smart TVs
  •  Games Consoles

It is quite OK for your child to make a note of work that needs done and to try to complete any work that can be done using paper and pen.  This can be photographed and uploaded to the relevant Classroom if possible.

Please contact us if there are serious issues with getting online.

Accessing Software

Please remember that all pupils currently enrolled in the college can download Microsoft Office onto up to 5 devices for free. 

It it doesn't work try accessing the office.com  login page directly and logging in using an email address in the format  schoolusername123@c2ken.net  (where your child substitutes their own name and numbers at the start) and uses their current school password.  They may be asked for it again on the second screen but if it's accepted that might bring them to a page where the software can be run online or downloaded.

Failing that your child does have a Google Drive account alongside Google Classroom (it appears on the same panel where they find the classroom icon on a web browser).  

Once on there Google's free software can be used to complete work including Slides (PowerPoint alternative; docs and sheets (spreadsheet alternative).