A Level Health & Social Care

Teaching Staff: Miss C. Dugan 


 Health and Social Care is offered to Sixth Form students, it is a very popular choice of subject for students who have studied Food and Nutrition or Child Development at GCSE Level, however neither of these are a prerequisite. Within the Department we pride ourselves in a very high standard of teaching and learning, helping students to achieve their very best.

Health and Social Care is the study of health and well-being. Students learn about the key stages of physical and emotional development and begin to understand the profound influence relationships and life events can have on an individual’s health. Students also examine the factors that influence a person’s self-concept and how people react to change in their lives.

During Year 13, students undertake a placement in a Health, Social Care or Early Years setting, this is an essential part of the course and one which the students find, not only incredibly enjoyable, but also helpful in increasing their knowledge and understanding of the subject content.

Many students with qualifications in Health and Social Care go on to have interesting and successful careers in childcare, nursing, midwifery, social work, teaching, paramedics, counselling and health-visiting.

Students develop skills that are valued in further and higher education, as well as in the workplace. These skills include research, investigation, analysis, communication, problem solving and working with others.

Content Assessment Weighting


AS 1:

Promoting Quality


Internal assessment

Students produce a written report based on practice in a health, social care or early

years setting that they have experienced.

25% of AS

10% of A level

AS 2:

Communication in

Health, Social Care

and Early Years


Internal assessment

Students produce a written report on communication in a health, social care or early years setting.

25% of AS

10% of A level

AS 3:

Health and


External written examination

2 hours

50% of AS

20% of A level

A2 2:

Body Systems and



Internal assessment

Students carry out a practical investigation of the physiological status of

individuals and research the diagnosis and treatment of a disorder.

15% of A level

A2 3:

Providing Services

External written

examination based on

pre-release material

2 hours

30% of A level

A2 5:


the Family

Internal assessment

Students produce a review of changes to family structure, a case study and a

report on services for families experiencing issues.
15% of A level

Students View:

“As a part of our AS Level Health and Social care, our whole class had the opportunity to go out on placement. A number of people visited nurseries in our local area, while others visited local Nursing Homes. This was extremely helpful as we had to use our experiences to help us with our coursework.

As an A Level student I felt I learned a lot in the 8 weeks. Being in real life situations gave me more of an insight into the everyday workings of a nursery setting than I couldn’t have learned from a textbook. When we got back to school after the placement, we documented what had happened on that day and discussed it within the class to appreciate the different experiences everyone had gained. The hands on approach helped me to gain a lot of knowledge and understanding. I feel that I obtained a lot of real life skills from this experience.”

Clare, Year 13

“I love the support Mrs Kelly and Miss Sloan give me to help me achieve my full potential”

Shannon, Year 14

“I really enjoyed going on placement! Spending time in the setting helped me to understand the course content and complete my coursework”

Andie, past pupil