Our Vision

Achieving success in a happy and hardworking atmosphere where each individual matures in a supportive Christian environment.

Our College

Our College strives to be a center of excellence in the education of our young people; working in partnership with families for the development of the children in our care. It is our desire that our students realize their full potential, acquiring the qualifications and skills they need for success in the world of work, and the values and principles they require for a positive future in life.

Our Success

Learning is the core business of the College. We believe that every child has talents and in partnership with home we work to ensure that each individual achieves their full potential. Through highly effective learning and teaching allied to our outstanding Pastoral Care, we seek to develop the academic ability and skills of our pupils, within a culture of challenge and success, while maintaining an equal focus on their moral, physical, spiritual, emotional and social development and well-being.

Our commitment

We will offer a stimulating and varied learning experience in our classrooms, appropriate to our students’ needs. This work is regularly evaluated and reviewed in order to create a culture of continuous improvement in the relation to learning. Our aim is to help our young people become
life-long learners, to equip themselves with the skills needed to cope with the changing demands of the knowledge based world they will live in, to have a College where all pupils leave having achieved their full potential and can contribute in a meaningful way to society. As a College we promote creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate new technologies to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.

Our ethos

Our ethos enables everyone to work collaboratively, share knowledge and understanding, to create an environment where our young people can be challenged to succeed. An ethos which fosters disciplined pupils, with a sense of responsibility, and anability to cooperate with and help others.

The ethos of St. Columbanus’ College values friendship, hard work, service to others, empathy and compassion. In short we live by an ethos which develops a caring Christian community.

In an increasingly secular age we seek to guide our young people “with God’s laws in their heart” to have love and respect for one another and to display the values of honesty, integrity, respect, and hard work in all that they do.

Our Aims

  • The central aim and principles which inform all our Practices and Procedures are based on Christian values. We seek to transmit the teachings of Christ and prepare our young people to deal with the moral issues and dilemmas they might encounter in the world beyond the College.
  • In the academic and vocational field, it is our purpose to foster the students’ powers of judgement and debate, their ability to pursue an independent course of study, their understanding of the world in which they live and the knowledge and skills which they will need for adult life and employment.
  • We seek to encourage the students in their personal and social development by fostering in them self-respect, understanding of others, skills in leadership and a sense of responsibility. It is our aim to give students guidance in forming and maintaining healthy relationships, using their leisure time constructively and acknowledging the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • In pursuing these aims, we seek to involve parents and members of the wider community in the process of education, so that students may have a strong network of support at home, in College and in all aspects of their everyday life .
  • To facilitate and encourage professional staff development for the good of the individual and the College.