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Principal's Welcome

Welcome from Mr Perry

 Dear Pupils and Parents,

 I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to St Columbanus' College.

From the day pupils begin their lives in St. Columbanus' College, we work to ensure that each child achieves success in an atmosphere which is happy, supportive and underpinned by Christian values. As a Catholic Faith based College, which promotes the inclusion of all faiths, all that we do is informed and framed by the values and principles of the gospel, among which, self-respect, mutual, respect, honesty, integrity and service to others are to the fore.

 Those who visit our College find an atmosphere which is calm, industrious and productive. High expectations are evident for each young person and everyone is valued, stimulated, challenged and supported in working towards achieving their full potential. Every member of our College community is encouraged at all times to strive for excellence.

 Our best advocates and exponents are our pupils, both past and present. They will assure you that our College is a happy, safe, secure and productive school where everyone is valued, where expectations are high and where every child can and does achieve. Our core business is learning. This is framed within a system of Pastoral Care which is outstanding, always emphasising the development of high self-esteem and self-belief in our pupils.

 The St.Columbanus' community acknowledges parents/guardians as the prime educators of their children and we welcome and encourage a constructive partnership between home and College. These positive and productive relationships are central to how we operate as a school and provide a consistent focus on ensuring the needs of each child are met.

 Our high quality Learning and Teaching, our Pastoral Care, our sense of community and belonging and the expertise of staff in identifying and developing each child's talents, ensures that St. Columbanus' College enjoys a very positive reputation within 'education' and the community in general. As we continue to grow as a College in terms of size and status, we strive to ensure that we never lose sight of the needs of the individual child. We believe the potential for every child in our care is unlimited. This can be seen in our excellent examination results at GCSE, A-Level and in our pupils work in the community.

 I am sure you will be encouraged by what you may already know about our College, by what you will learn from this Website and what you will experience when you visit us. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming many of you to the St. Columbanus' College community in the future.

Liam Perry