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Special Needs

SENCO Manager: Mrs Veronica O’Loane
SENCO: Mrs Susan Bamford
Staff members: Mrs Emma Lawless
Mrs Debbie Corbett (Part Time)
Mrs Susan Montgomery (Part Time)
Mr Joshua Hall (Part Time)

All students in primary seven sit a GL Assessment Test. Students are streamed into five classes. The Special Needs team interview Special Needs students. A Special Educational Needs Information sheet of all Year 8 students is issued to staff in September. IEPs are issued to staff in September/October. Staff are required to display SEN/medical information in their teacher planner and write their own individual targets for students. Teachers are also requested to submit two pieces of evidence sharing progression before annual review.

All information relating to Special Needs is stored in Sims. Student files are stored securely in the Special Needs room. At present we have ten classroom assistants who are briefed daily by the SENCO.

Outside agencies such as ASD, Dyslexia, hearing impaired, speech therapist are accessed by special needs staff and students regularly throughout the year. The SENCO and Leader of Special Needs will meet with the statementing officer once per term to discuss progress and needs.

Students with Special Educational Needs are fully included in all aspects of College life. They follow the Positive Behaviour Policy and can access the counselling service available in the College Family Works. As we are an inclusive College, sanctions and discipline are identified in the Positive Behaviour Policy. Students’ needs are considered when dealing with all students in the College. Special Needs students will not be discriminated against due to their disability as identified in the Positive Behaviour Policy. We have recently added a Behaviour Management Plan and all students will be made aware of consequences if behaviour codes are broken.