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Moving Image Art

About us

Moving Image Arts is an exciting subject which has been running at our school for13 years. It is a popular choice with students at St Columbanus’ College and its success can be measured by the fact that in 2011 and 2012 we celebrated the success of a student taught by the MIA department who was first in Northern Ireland for AS and A2. In 2015 the department celebrated second in GCSE.

MIA  also celebrated supper success in 2016 exams GCSE 78%, AS 100% and A2 100%.

Moving Image is an enjoyable and innovative subject, but requires hard work and dedication. In our department we “strive for success in a hardworking environment”. We place high expectations on all of our students and encourage them to develop their own unique style and personality through their film making choices whilst appealing to their particular areas and genres of interest.

Our Team

Mrs Sheridan  (Head of Department)

Mr Carney

Miss Skehin

Mr Carney, Miss Skehin and Mrs Sheridan share the delivery of Moving Image Arts we are located in Room 29. It is a subject all teachers have taught for a number of years and are very passionate about. You will also find Mr Carney and Mrs Sheridan teaching in the English Department.


Although MIA does not have a specific KS3 class some of the basic skills such as storyboarding, narrative and aspects of media are taught discreetly through the KS3 English Curriculum this provides a platform for further study at GCSE and Post-16.


We offer a GCSE in CCEA MIA. It is a 2 year course where we introduce film language, scene analysis and of course filming and editing your very own Moving Image Art production. We have a state of the art Imac editing suite where you will be provided with all the equipment you need to become the next Alfred Hitchcock. All we ask is you share our passion for film, come to class organised and willing to work as part of a time as well as being able to demonstrate self-management. GCSE provides an excellent platform to AS and A2. For more information about our GCSE Specification please click the link.


AS and A2 MIA has been long established in St.Columbanus’ College. It is a very popular subject and you do not have to have studied the subject to GCSE. The CCEA GCE course places film planning and production is at the heart of the course and for that reason it is a very hands on practical course. We begin our studies with an in-depth insight into the work of iconic historical and contemporary film directors such as Hitchcock, Scorsese, Tim Burton to name just a few. You will focus on Realism, Formalism, and German Expressionism, the Italian Neo-Realism and the French New Wave. You will never watch a film in the same way again. Please click on the link for more information about our GCE Specification.

Career Progression

Past pupils from the MIA department have gone on with great success to study related courses across Northern Ireland, the UK and Further afield. The course provides students with great self-management and the skills to work with and manage others. The course produces people who can demonstrate they are forward thinking, innovative and creative. These are highly sought after personal skills and capabilities at both Higher Level Education and Employment.