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Health & Social Care


HOD: Mrs B Dempster PGCE, BA Hons Social Policy

Sixth Form

OCR Applied Health and Social Care (As Level and A2 Level)

The Health and Social Care course involves learning about:

  • Various health and social care services that are available and how people access and use these services
  • How people change and develop change throughout their lives and the effect life events have on them
  • The need for effective communication
  • The skills necessary to carry out research tasks, and
  • the importance of treating people with dignity and respect

Subject Information

As Level A2 Level

 Promoting Quality Care


  • Attitudes and prejudices
  • Rights and responsibilities of people who use services and providers
  • Facilitation of access to services
  • Values of care
  • How organisations promote quality care
Care Practice and Provision


  • Demographics and local planning
  • National policies
  • Quality assurance mechanisms
  • Meeting service users needs
Communication in Care Settings


  • Types of communication
  • Factors that support and inhibit communication
  • Communication skills
  • Theories relating to communication
  • Interaction with a service user


  • Respiratory system
  • Cardio-vascular system
  • Digestive system
  • Reproductive system
  • Renal system
  • Musculo-skeletal and neural systems.
  • Effects of lifestyle choices
Promoting Good Health


  • Factors affecting health
  • Job roles and preventative measures
  • Planning a small-scale health campaign
  • Recording and evaluating health campaign
Child Development


  • Development and monitoring
  • Factors that influence development and norms of development
  • The role of play in development
  • How to plan and make a learning aid/activity for a child (0-8).

All students sit modules in January and June.

Career Pathways:

  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Care Work
  • Police Service
  • Midwife
  • Health Visitor
  • Social Worker
  • Environmental Health Officer