St Columbanus' College

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Teaching Staff 2017-2018

Name Role Subject
Mr L Perry Principal  
Mrs M Flynn Vice Principal  History
Mrs V O’Loane Assistant Principal Pastoral Care  Home Economics 
Dr L Doherty Assistant Principal Attainment ICT
Mrs S Bamford SENCO English, Drama
Mr K Blaney Physical Education, Careers  
Mr J Burrows Senior Teacher, Examination Officer ICT
Mr C Carney   English, MIA
Ms M Canavan Senior Teacher,  Head of Year Religious Studies
Mrs D Corbett   Learning Support Maths 
Mrs B Dempster Travel & Tourism, Careers 
Dr L Doulton   History
Mrs K Doyle English
Mrs F Gethin Head of Department Careers, LLW
Mr J Hall History, Careers & Chaplain
Mrs M Keag   Music
Mr R Keag Head of Department Art & Design
Mrs A Kennedy  Head of Department  Religious Studies
Mrs R Kennedy  Head of Department Music
Mrs M Keyes Religious Studies, Geography
Mrs E Lawless   Learning Support, Geography
Mr M Linden Head of Department Science
Mr D Majury Head of Department Geography, Learning For Life & Work
Miss C McAleer  Head of Year  Science
Mrs A McCullough  Head of Department French, Spanish
Miss E McDonnell Maths/Junior Science 
Mrs K McGimpsey Physical Education
Miss N McGaharan Public Image Co-Ordinator (Acting)  ICT
Miss McGrath  English 
Mrs N McGreer Senior Teacher,  Head of Department Mathematics
Miss N McGuigan  Head of Year  Geography, Travel & Tourism
Miss J McKernan Maths 
Mr G Mitchell  Head of Year  Mathematics
Miss C McMahon Head of Year, Acting Head of Department Physical Education
Miss N McQuaid   Science
Mrs L Kelly Head of Department

Home Economics,

Health & Social Care

Miss L Pue  Head of Year  Technology & Design
Mr P Ryan Head of Department Technology & Design, Construction
Miss C Scullion   Travel & Tourism, Business Studies
Mrs S Shannon Mathematics
Mrs D Sheridan   English, Moving Image Arts
Miss R Skehin   Art & Design
Miss E Sloan

Home Economics,

Health & Social Care

Mr C Sweeney Senior Teacher, Head Of Year Mathematics
Miss F Sullivan Head of Department ICT
Mrs K Uprichard   English
Mrs E Van Houten Senior Teacher, Head of Department English, Drama

Non-Teaching Staff

Bursar: Mr B Jamison
Canteen: Mrs Ellis, Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Graham, Mrs McHenry, Mrs Tweedie
Caretaker: Mr P Pajak
Classroom Assistants:

Mrs Allen, Mrs Barber, Miss Bailie, Mrs Cherry, Mrs Donaldson, Mrs Emerson, Mrs Harding, Mrs Kapoor, Mrs Kayes,Miss Marinello, Mrs McAlorum,
Mrs McKinley, Mrs McMaster, Mrs McMurran, Mrs Shields, Mrs Shufflebottom, Mrs Smartt, Miss Thompson.


Mrs Dodds, Mrs Gwiazoa, Mr Kroukowski, Mr O'Reilly (Supervisor), Mr McCauley,  Mr Pajak, Mrs Szubska, Mrs Vannucci, 

Clerical Staff: Ms J McGready (Office Manager), Miss S Walker, Mrs Rees
Language Assistant: Confirmed by British Council every June.
Librarian: Mrs T Hare.
Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs A Hall, Mrs E Smith,  Mrs C Vannucci.
Technicians:   Mr J Bradford, Mrs T Bradley,  Mr H Burns,  Mrs K Jueno, Mrs P Murphy.